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Optimal multichannel analytics software for ambitious global Shopify brands aiming for rapid and efficient growth.

Consolidate your eCommerce data with a single click.

Say goodbye to time-consuming spreadsheets. We seamlessly integrate with all major Shopify brand connectors, eliminating the need for managing data pipelines or setting up data warehouses—we’ve got it all covered for you.
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Effortlessly compute and monitor your essential KPIs in real-time.

Explore our pre-configured dashboards for a visual representation of crucial metrics, empowering you to oversee and enhance your store’s performance. Key indicators such as Customer Acquisition Cost, Lifetime Value, and Retention Cohorts are readily available. Additionally, customize the charts according to your preferences, incorporating your own metric definitions.

Define your objectives and synchronize your team.

Specify your metrics targets, and let NetScript automatically convert them into comparable data. Whether transforming yearly goals into daily objectives or assessing progress against absolute targets.
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Stay informed at all times with alerts.

Set manual alerts for your critical KPIs, whether it’s a drop in conversion rate or an increase in Customer Acquisition Cost. Alternatively, trust our Artificial Intelligence to handle this for you. Receive instant notifications via email or Slack.

Create your reports effortlessly.

Move beyond pre-made templates and leverage the wealth of connected data in Netscript Analytics to craft your unique metrics and custom reports. Establish a unified source of truth for your business metrics with Netscript IT services.
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Harness the potential of first-party data attribution and server-side tracking.

Our seamless setup and accurate tracking provide a comprehensive insight into your customer’s journey. We assist in eliminating duplicate conversions, determining your genuine Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and optimizing your ad campaigns by feeding profit data back to the ad platform.

Unlock the transformative capabilities of Artificial Intelligence

Picture the convenience of posing a question and receiving a thorough, personalized report in response.
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